Men with balls.


Yayhay! It’s here! A bunch of overpaid Prima Donnas kicking a bag of wind around (and for once it is not the “quality press” in pursuit of the Deputy PM.)

The Mail (The Horror!) has a story about the new adidas ball to be used at the World Cup – it’s slightly heavier than the balls used in the Premiership apparently.

The German manufacturer claims its new ball is superior because it is rounder and smoother – allowing it to fly through the air more accurately and with less wind resistance.

(I truly hope that this little nugget of info has not got any Harry’s Place regulars whistling the Dambusters theme already.)

The ball is supposedly 30 per cent more accurate (good news for Michael Owen). In testing it has been subjected to repeated identical kicks from a robotic leg (so it would seem that Sven’s first mistake was not taking Phil Neville.)

Beat Paraguay, draw with Trinidad and Tobago and beat Sweden.

Get Germany in the second round and go out on pens.

That’s my prediction – what’s yours?