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Definitely Maybe tops NME poll

The 1994 Oasis’ debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe’, has been voted the greatest album of all time in an NME poll, beating the Beatles.

It is a great album (Cigarettes & Alcohol, Live forever, Supersonic et cetera), but is it really better than The Bends or Never Mind? I’m torn and will probably have to devote the rest of the day to mulling this one over.

Oh and personally, I wouldn’t have a Beatles album in my top 10 or 20, but would have to add Teenage Fan Club’s Grand Prix and Nirvana Unplugged. Okay, I realise this post plays to Catherine Bennett’s much discussed blokey type (from Gene’s She’s got us pegged yesterday), but it would be a disservice not to post this. It’s Friday.

The NME Top 10

1: Definitely Maybe – Oasis
2: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
3: Revolver – The Beatles
4: OK Computer – Radiohead
5: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis
6: Nevermind – Nirvana
7: The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
8: Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd
9: The Queen Is Dead – The Smiths
10: The Bends – Radiohead

wardytron adds:

The Times has published the full top 100 list. Fans of Shania Twain will be glad to know that her album ‘Come On Over’ is 20 places ahead of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ and 9 places ahead of Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’.