Cui Bono 2

If you missed Frank Gardner’s Radio 4 Documentary, Koran and Country, take some time out to read the transcript of the show.

Yesterday, Norm highlighted a revealing exchange between “Jamal”, a student at SOAS, University of London, which went like this:

JAMAL: All of the things that’s reported to us, especially with regard to the suicide bombings and so forth – to me, I personally take it as speculation because you know what guarantee do we have that they’re done by Arab or Muslim or Iraqi insurgents? You know, as far as I understand – and I studied history for quite a while – the greatest thing that the British Empire did was the divide and rule policy and it’s a similar thing that I see going on now.

GARDNER: So you’re saying that you have your suspicions that British or coalition forces are setting off bombs themselves?

JAMAL: It’s a plausible you know possibility.

GARDNER: But why would coalition forces want to set off bombs? What would they gain by that in Iraq?

JAMAL: Well it’s a justification for them to stay longer.

I’m told that “Jamal” is Jamal El-Shayyal, the NUS Executive officer who runs on the FOSIS slate. FOSIS is another front organisation for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jamal El-Shayyal signed the NUS letter condemning the 7/7 bombings. I wonder who he thought really carried them out. You know, really.