Beleagured Bashar lashes out at Lebanon

Appearing increasing beleaguered, Bashar al-Assad– whom Syria is lucky to have as her president– denounced his former protectorate of Lebanon in terms he normally reserves for Israel or the United States.

An angry Bashar… launched an unprecedented attack on some Lebanese leaders, accusing them of turning their country into a “hotbed of conspiracy against Syria and a base for Damascus’ enemies”…

In an attack on Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and Hariri’s son Saad, who is the majority leader in the Lebanese Parliament, Bashar accused both of plotting with some international powers to turn their country into a base for the enemies of Syria.

“The truth is that Siniora is a slave working for a master who is himself a slave getting his orders from his bosses. The truth we see today is that Lebanon has become a factory, a financier, and a passageway for conspiracies against our country in a striking contradiction to what Siniora had promised when we met him here as he committed himself to have the best relations between Syria and Lebanon,” Bashar said.

Meanwhile, members of Syria’s parliament have bravely defended their president from accusations of involvement in the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. Instead they pointed fingers at a small Middle Eastern country and a largish North American country. (Can you guess which ones?)

But maybe the responsibility lies elsewhere— with al-Hariri’s son Sa’d. Or maybe Sa’d al-Hariri conspired with Israel to assassinate his father. Or maybe…