Burgess Loaded

Scourge of the Independent Scott Burgess did a spot of fundraising from readers last week to see if he could turn blogging into hard cash:

Well, we did it – my wife has declared herself suitably impressed. For the moment, at any rate. Now my task is to start marketing myself as a credible freelancer, which I’ve really not done up to now. I’ll be working on that this week, and would be most grateful for any specific leads, offers, etc.

I’m extremely thankful to those that contributed, no matter what the size of the donation. I know it’s asking a lot to contribute to a blog – thank you for not giving in to inertia.

Special thanks to Harry’s Place, Tim Worstall, Laban Tall and Dartblog for mentioning my fundraising efforts. And thanks as well to those who did so without me noticing – if you did, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to add an acknowledgment and a link.

As readers have been so supportive, I’m happy to disclose the amount raised, which was just over £2800 (around $4800 US). Again, thank you very much.

Very impressive.