Syrian official offers solution to AIDS crisis

“We covered the whole world in 60 minutes,” George Galloway told the state-controlled Syria Times of his meeting with that country’s dictator in July. “I was very impressed by his knowledge, by his sharpness, by his flexible mind. I was very, very impressed… Syria is lucky to have Bashar al-Assad as her President.”

No doubt, then, Galloway will be shocked to learn that one of Assad’s top religious officials had this to say on state-controlled Syrian TV:

What do they do now with people with AIDS? They put the AIDS patient in isolation…

This is why there’s a hidden desire in one’s heart… If only we had stoned everyone who had committed this abomination – wouldn’t it have been better than letting these diseases infect others, spreading to millions around the world?

To which the bold interviewer responded: “Most certainly.”