Galloway and Fonda: together again for the first time

Jane Fonda will appear with George Galloway on September 18 in Madison, Wisconsin, and September 19 in Chicago during his US speaking tour, The Capital Times reports.

Chris Dols, the local organizer for Galloway’s tour, said that these two speeches are the only that Fonda will give with Galloway, who was expelled from the Labor Party after making remarks opposing the Iraq invasion in 2003.

Here we go again. Does someone want to inform The Capital Times exactly what those “remarks” were?

Dols said that Fonda, a prominent activist against the Vietnam War, decided to join Galloway to “help give him a stage and raise his profile.”

“I think it cuts both ways,” Dols said. “On one hand, people are interested in talking about Jane Fonda. And the whole point of the national tour is to talk about what George Galloway represents.”

(Hat tip: Tim in the comments.)