Galloway round-up

From the Independent’s ‘Pandora’:

Strange this, but George Galloway appears to have delivered an unpatriotic snub to his own publishing house.

The cigar-chomping Respect MP has finished a memoir of his appearance before the US Senate, but – despite having founded his own publishing firm, Friction, for this purpose – won’t be releasing it in the UK.

Instead, you’ll have to travel to the US to buy the book. “The subject has been pretty much covered here already,” says Galloway by way of explanation.

“Much of it was covered in my other book, Not the Only One, which is out in the UK. But in America, because of the nature of their media, my Senate appearance went largely unreported, so there’s plenty left to be said to that market.”

Apropos of the health of Friction, Galloway adds: “I don’t know about going strong, but it’s still going.”

Still going? Doesn’t sound too good does it? Surely not another Galloway firm that some parliamentary investigation will end up being told ‘was not trading’?


Meanwhile MPs are calling on the government to close down a London-based radio station broadcasting in Iraq and Saudi Arabia calls for attacks on UK troops.

The Al-Tajdeed Radio, is run by Saudi dissident Dr Muhammad al-Massari who also runs a lovely pro-terrorist website featuring advice on how to slit throats.

An eagle-eyed Harry’s Place reader sends in this screenshot from last night’s BBC News featuring archive footage of al-Massari after he won an appeal against deportation in the 1990’s:


No mention was made in the report of who the pudgy-faced man in the background was.


Finally, talking of websites, here is a site featuring links to lots of source material on al-Massari’s old chum. I don’t endorse the website address although I do understand the anger that provoked it.