“We cannot afford to be choosy”* watch

From The Washington Post:

Three back-to-back bombings hit near a Baghdad bus station Wednesday and then at the hospital where rescuers rushed the victims, killing at least 43 people and wounding nearly 90, authorities said.
The bombing in Baghdad resulted in one of the highest casualty tolls here in weeks. Bodies of the victims collected in pools of blood in the grounds outside the emergency room of the targeted hospital after medical teams ran out of room for the dead inside.

Rescuers also ran out of cloth to cover the dead and resorted to splitting open cardboard boxes to cover the faces and corpses.

“This is the most cowardly attack anywhere,” said Kassim Abdul Hadi, 47, a teacher who was traveling by bus Wednesday into Baghdad. He spoke at the hospital where he was being treated for wounds to the leg and abdomen. “Do they call this holy war, killing civilians in a bus terminal? They are simply criminals.”

*John Pilger