Anti Fascism

The Meeting Place of the Anti-Fascist Left

From Nick Cohen’s Evening Standard column today:

I sympathise with the Government because both [the BNP and Hizb] have become masters of hiding their racist and totalitarian programmes behind a bland PR screen. You never hear BBC journalists asking Hizb spokesmen about the pages deleted from its website calling for Muslims to “purify” themsleves of the Jews. They’re easy enough to find. The broadcasters can go to the “Harry’s Place” website, which has become the meeting place of the anti-fascist Left

BBC Journalists: Everything you need to know can be found below this post.


There is an article on Open Democracy by Abdul Wahid, who is on the executive of Hizb. It says very little about his organisation other than this:

The goal of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, of which I am a member, is to re-establish by political work alone an Islamic form of governance in the Muslim world; and in so doing, to end the damaging interference – political, economic and military – that has persisted in the Muslim world from the colonial powers and their “viceroys” until today. Our frank words, and Islamic rhetoric for our Muslim audience, have provoked much criticism, but no serious person who has scrutinised our group has considered us violent

There is, of course, more to say about Hizb that that. Excepting those articles which they have removed because they contain racist rhetoric which the group now shies away from spouting publicly, Hizb usually very frank about the nature and practical implications of that “Islamic form of governance“.

Open Democracy encourages people to join in the debate here. Unfortunately, it costs £2 a month to do so.

EDIT: Open Democracy emails to say that, in fact, it is free to register. My apologies.