Wanted: GG impersonator

If an outsider may offer a suggestion, it occurs to be that what the UK needs at this moment in its history is a good George Galloway impersonator.

That is, it needs someone someone who can be made up to physically resemble Gorgeous George, who can imitate his voice and speaking style, and who is willing to mock him and everything he stands for: his self-importance, his defensiveness, his admiration for “anti-imperialist” cutthroats, his borderline antisemitism, his propensity for Arabic phrases and lurid rhetoric.

If he can’t get on TV, he could appear on the internet.

If successful, this impersonator would turn Galloway into such a laughingstock that no one except his true believers could ever watch him or hear him without giggling at his utter ridiculousness.

Are there any actors, comedians or unknowns who would be suited to the task and willing to do it?