UK Politics

Question Time Special

After submitting a request for tickets to attend the Cambridge edition of Question Time four months ago, I received a call today asking if I wanted a seat in the audience for a Question Time ‘Security Special’ to be screened on BBC1 tomorrow tonight.

Obviously, I explained that if they couldn’t offer me a seat on the panel, they could poke it up their…

Anyway, after snapping the researcher’s hand off, I was told to present myself at BBC centre between 6-6:30pm tomorrow, armed with two questions I would like to have put to the (as yet to be confirmed) panel. Which is where you guys come in.

Submit your questions in the comments box before 2pm tomorrow, and I will select the two best and present them to the great and good of the BBC. If we’re lucky, we’ll all witness Harry’s Place bamboozling the UK’s finest political minds (or George Galloway) live (nearly) on television tomorrow night.

Sonic, Benjamin, Al,………don’t even think about it.