Liberty, if it means anything…

Why is Shami Chakrabati, director of the civil rights group Liberty, due to speak from the official platform of a Stop the War Coalition rally?

Thursday 4th August, Friends Meeting House, Euston. Speakers include George Galloway (MP), Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Tariq Ali, Shami Chakrabati, Lindsey German, Anas Al Tikriti.

That would be the same George Galloway who is such a friend of civil liberties that he is campaigning to deny the victims of war crimes in Iraq the legal right to try criminals like his friend Tariq Aziz?

That would be the same Tariq Ali who proudly supports the terrorist ‘resistance’ in Iraq, a movement that shows such a commitment to Liberty’s values of “a society based on the democratic participation of all its members and the principles of justice, openness, the right to dissent and respect for diversity”. ?

That would be the same Lindsey German who has such a commitment to human rights and the Geneva Convention that she jointly penned the infamous STWC statement urging Iraq’s resistance to fight using ‘any means necessary’?

That would be the same Anas Al Tikriti, a leading member of the Islamist Muslim Association of Britain, the UK wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which distributed material calling for ‘apostates’ to be killed and which supports the murder of Israeli civilians by suicide bombers?

Unless she is going to this meeting to launch a stinging criticism of the anti-civil liberties position taken by the leaders of the STWC, I fear Shami Chakrabati is about to seriously damage the credibility of her organisation – one which is widely respected across the political spectrum.

She should be urged to think again.

You can make a polite request for her to do just that by emailing Liberty at: