Funny looks

From the BBC:

I can’t avoid carrying a big rucksack with my mobile office in when I travel. As I’m an Asian male that’s been getting suspicious looks, I’ve taken to carrying a bottle of wine as if I’m taking it home for dinner. It’s ironic, I don’t even like wine, but it’s a clear visual symbol that says I’m not a fanatic Islamic bomber.
Elton Ali, Bermondsey, London

The events have indeed affected us. Today I saw an Asian man running away from a bus: everyone tuned and stared at him until he turned a corner… to catch another bus. I think we were not vigilant enough before. We should just find the right balance between paranoia and indifference.
Maria, London

I saw another new and interesting development which may well be useful to others – a man of middle eastern origin carrying his luggage in a transparent polythene bag thus avoiding further supicious looks
gill sheldrake, andover

This picture was sent to me by a brummie-sikh friend:

No more stares.jpg

Hat tip: Ash