Aren’t the government’s anti-smoking crusaders getting a bit carried away with themselves?

Risqué TV, radio and billboard ads will be appearing across the UK from July to drill home the message to young people that smoking is not sexy.
One of the government-funded images carries the strapline “Your penis thinks you should stop smoking” to highlight the risk of impotency.

…..Another of the ads shows stark images of the effect of smoking on women’s appearance and attractiveness to men, with messages such as “If you smoke, you stink”, “Minging teeth” and “Cat’s bum mouth”.
Websites called “Staying Hard” and “Ugly Smoking” will also be launched, alongside a sticker campaign in pub and club toilets.

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint said: “This latest series of adverts marks a new and exciting route for the campaign.

The SLF have responded to this hate campaign here and here.