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George takes it on the road

The Guardian reviews opening night in South Shields.

From the description, though, it seems the show could use more pizazz. How about a chorus line featuring Lindsey German, Tariq Ali, Yvonne Ridley and John Rees performing “Another Opening, Another Show”?

Another job that you hope will last
Will make your future forget your past
Another pain where the ulcers grow
Another op’nin of another show.

Other ideas for zinging up the show are most welcome.

Harry adds: Perhaps its the idea of a debate with just one man speaking that leaves things a bit flat? I know Galloway likes nothing more than the sound of his own voice and a fawning crowd of his mindless followers clapping along but its hardly entertainment is it?

If Galloway hadn’t bottled it and instead decided to take up the challenge laid down to him it might make for a more interesting evening. In fact I’d be willing to spend £12 to watch that.