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Hitchens and Wheen

An evening that will probably appeal to a good number of readers:

Christopher Hitchens and Francis Wheen will be discussing ‘Love, Poverty and War’ on Thursday May 26 at UCL’s Young Lecture Theatre at 7 PM.

Entrance £5.00/£3.00.

(Thanks to Juan for passing this info on)

Update: OK, here’s the deal: If you want to go to this event, which is being co-organised by Prospect magazine, then as a Harry’s Place reader you can enter for the discounted £3.00 rate.

Prospect have kindly arranged this for us – if you call Atlantic Books, who are handling the tickets, on 020 7269 1623 and mention “Harry’s Place” you get the reduced rate ticket.

More: Looks like Hitchens is on a UK tour. He’ll also be appearing at the Hay Festival on May 28 in what looks to me like a fascinating debate hosted by The Economist.

The Economist Debate
The Copella Marquee
John Micklethwait, Christopher Hitchens, Roy Hattersley, Mark Leonard.

History will be kinder to Bush and Blair than to Chirac and Schroeder:
Jon Snow chairs the debate on security, democracy, diplomacy and piety
in the early twenty-first Century

It costs nine quid (no Harry’s Place discount on this one I’m afraid) and you can book your ticket online here.

If you are going to either of these events and want to send us your thoughts – please do.