Do Something!

Demonstrate for Darfur

‘Public opinion … can powerfully influence [a government’s] judgement. On Bosnia no such influence was exerted.’

Douglas Hurd, former British Foreign Secretary.


From the organisers of the Protect Darfur Rally:

Now we need your support for the Protect Darfur Rally – taking place outside 10 Downing Street, 12.30pm, Sunday 15 May.

At the very start of its third term, it’s vital to put Government on notice that aid is not enough. And we can’t leave Darfur’s survivors to protest alone. The Government needs to know that when genocide happens, we all care about it – and we’ll hold it to its promises to protect.

Why it counts

This is a matter of life and death. 400,000 deaths since 2003. With 500 more lives lost every day. That means one African in Darfur is murdered every three minutes – just because they’re African.

So please, make an hour in your Sunday on the 15th to come to Downing Street and let the Prime Minister know you care.

Do try to be there from 12.30 if you can. The more people there from the start, the more impact we will make. And the rally will last little more than an hour.

Please circulate this information to everyone you can, and bring as many of your friends, family and colleagues with you as you can.

More details at Protect Darfur.