University of Texas sophmore “Ajaj Raj” engages in slightly, erm, sophomoric political debate with Anne Coulter and ends up in the slammer.

Gene adds: What’s depressing about people like Mr. Raj isn’t so much their crude behavior; it’s that they actually think they are doing something politically significant.

David T also adds: Oh, I dunno. My immediate reaction was “what a fool”. My second response was that Coulter’s shtick isn’t really gays: its making laughably absurd and hyperbolic statements about the supposed traitorous conduct of “liberals”. My third thought was that, in that context, making crude statements about the sexual practices of hypothetical conservatives was an appropriate response. It just about matched her level. Coulter herself demeans political discourse, habitually, and professionally. Of course she’s going to attract similarly debasted rhetoriticians.

And anyhow, you’re only a sophmore once: why not act like a jackass and have some fun…