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Sue Blackwell update

On Sunday I posted:

Despite protestations by AUT Israel-boycott leader Sue Blackwell that her website does “not include links to sites which promote either racism or terrorism,” it does in fact link to a site that promotes Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, The Jerusalem Post reports.

I have emailed Blackwell to inform her of this fact. We’ll see how quickly she removes the link.

Here is what has happened (and not happened) since then:

On Monday I received an email from Blackwell asking me for details about what I considered antisemitic about the website in question. She promised to “look into it.”

I responded the same day with an email citing specific pages and quotations from the website which– by any standards I can imagine– promote antisemitism and Holocaust denial. (Again, I’m not going to provide a direct link to the website; it’s easy enough to locate.)

On Tuesday I received an email from a reader pointing me to a Talkback forum on the Haaretz website in which Sue Blackwell participated. After one participant (number 115) pointed once again to the antisemitic website, Blackwell (number 160) responded (as she did to me) by asking “where the link is and exactly where I can find the anti-semitic material and I will look into it.”

As of this moment, Sue Blackwell’s website still links to the antisemitic website.

Update: Blackwell has “suspended” the link to the antisemitic website in question (MarWen Media), along with links to two other sites. Her assertion that “on the whole this site maintains a clear distinction between Jews and Zionists” is laughable. She doesn’t mention the site’s promotion of Holocaust denial. And she continues to link to another website maintained by the same person, Wendy Campbell.

Further update: Blackwell has now removed the link to the other website of Wendy Campbell, and recognized the antisemitism and Holacaust denial at the MarWen Media site.