Turkeys for Christmas?

Football clubs have become masters of spin in recent years and also have caught on to the idea of unappointed, unaccountable ‘consultation groups’ but I have yet to see a more blatant example of both these unwelcome trends than this woeful attempt from the club I support.

Ticket prices are to be raised yet again for next season (£23 quid for second tier football?) but it wasn’t the club that came up with the idea, according to the CEO Dave Edmunson:

This came directly from the Supporters Consultation Group, which is a cross-section of fans from all areas of the ground,” he said in defence of the decision. “They informed us our match day prices were quite low compared to many other Championship grounds they attend.”

And just in case anyone didn’t get it the first time he added, “But again I stress this is a result of the Supporters Consultation Group, who made the point of raising prices on a match day and keeping them lower in advance.”

That’s not the case though, Edmundson hasn’t kept them lower in advance, he’s just increased them on the day.

Perhaps Edmunson has been getting some lessons from our our celebrity fan?