Fergie the Red

Mark Bosnich, the Australian goalkeeper who once brought politics into football by giving a fascist salute at White Hart Lane, suggests he was purged by Alex Ferguson at Manchester United:

“It was a personality thing – we are very similar characters. I think it was because I was right wing in politics and he was left wing. I think that is why he didn’t like me. He wanted all communists in his team. We talked politics a couple of times and we fell out big style. I remember arguing about Maggie Thatcher. I am a big fan and he wasn’t. He said she ruined the country. I said she was the best leader since Churchill. We had a massive row after a game at Sunderland and he was late getting on the bus because he had been meeting Tony Blair. I must have said something sarcastic to start it and it got so heated Roy Keane stepped in as peacemaker.

Via Red News, Hat Tip G Sz.