Scraping the barrel

I was appalled by the behaviour of senior BBC execs at the time of the Gilligan non-story, but since then, I have defended the BBC on these pages against what I feel has been some rather unfair criticism.

Tonight, however, the BBC broadcast a Panorama program that hit a new low in what was nothing more than a character assassination of the Prime Minister dressed up as investigative journalism. John Ware and chums seem to think that because some BBC journalists in recent times have demonstrated a propensity to, well, lie, that everyone must be at it. I hope someone with more time and patience than I have right now, will sit down and give this tawdry piece of TV the good ‘Fisking’ it deserves.

Have they learned nothing?

And how do I get my ₤121 back?

Harry’s adds: The medialens editors have most unusually got all warm and cuddly in their herogram message to the BBC: An excellent and courageous analysis in the best traditions of honest journalism. Congratulations!