Lowering the pom-poms?

Signs that cheerleaders for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq are begining to tire at the failures of those they support?

After the usual depressing guff about Algeria, Vietnam and other attempts to divert himself away from facing the facts about his allies in Iraq, which I simply can’t be bothered going through yet again, Tariq Ali says:

If Sistani, as the voice of the majority community, had denounced the destruction of Fallujah, it would have created the basis for some form of unity. So the resistance, in my opinion, has progressed little over the last two years. This is a tragedy for Iraq.

A tragedy. That must have been why people were crying when they went to vote then? It wasn’t joy at the freedom to exercise democratic choice but depression at the tragic failure of the Ba’athists to regroup properly and the Islamists to impose medieval sharia law all over Iraq.