The big match ended goalless, although I reckon we won it on points and there was certainly no ‘gulf in class’ between us and Premiership Rovers.

Perhaps the real winner on the day was Accrington Stanley whose fans produced this display of airpower before the game.

In the absence of goals or any real incidents in the game I suspect the papers tomorrow will be full of the three people who ran on the pitch. One was a harmless loon who ran towards the Blackburn fans at halftime and shot a ball into the net, the other was a breakdancing male streaker (seriously!) and the third was a psycho who wanted to fight everyone – especially Robbie Savage. I’m not sure what those security stewards are paid to do.

But on the whole it could have been much worse and thankfully there weren’t any clashes between the fans. After all the hype things went off pretty peacefully and the atmosphere was lively but never nasty.

If we only had a centre-forward………