Medialens finally lose plot – official

If anyone is still taking Medialens seriously then this email from the two editors should put an end to the illusion that these characters have any credibility.

Email to ITN’s John Irvine

Dear John Irvine

In tonight’s ITN report on “the hermit state” of North Korea you described a “display of people in perfect unison – cynics might call it Come Dancing, or else!”

The North Korean people, it seems, have been “treated to hours of gushing television” celebrating the leader’s birthday.

We are familiar with the same “gushing” phenomenon on British TV. When Baghdad fell to US tanks on April 9, 2003, for example, British journalists were beside themselves with joy. As you may recall, one ITN reporter declared: “A war of three weeks has brought an end to decades of Iraqi misery.”

You said of the North Korean media: “When it comes to propaganda this is a broadcaster beyond comparison.” Possibly, although it is a description which might equally apply to Western broadcasters who unfailingly manage to demonise whichever ‘official enemy’ happens to be the latest target of Washington hawks.


David Edwards and David Cromwell
The Editors – Media Lens

(Hat Tip: Murderlenswatcher)

Update: It gets even more amazing.

The North Korean media functions by simply keeping all dissent strictly off limits. The Western system functions by allowing small islands of dissent in an overwhelming sea of conformist propaganda. Of the two, the Western system is a far more effective and insidious form of thought control.