We Can’t Be Neutral

Sometimes we’re too hard on the views of Socialist Workers Party members here.

We denigrate them mercilessly on a regular basis. Accuse them of cheering on repulsive theocracies just as long as the mullahs shake their fists at the West, and say they willingly side with corrupt dictatorships as long as they aim missiles with red stars at their neighbours.

But are these accusations fair ? Can’t we sometimes accept that they’re just well-meaning socialists who can be excused a little excitability because they’re young and passionate ? I mean, we do exaggerate sometimes don’t we ?

sometimes I think we should cut them more slack…

And then Wednesday comes around again and it’s time for Socialist Worker letters page.

THE ARTICLE on China in last week’s Socialist Worker misses a key point—for the past 300 years the world has been dominated by people of European descent.

Europe and the US have been the source of technologies, cultures and philosophical ideas that have been seen as the essence of the modern world.

The transformation of China into a major industrial and political power is changing this very rapidly, and billions of people around the world are celebrating.

What China can do, so too can India, Brazil, and Iran—a new world is coming, with China leading the way.

The rulers of the US do not want this new world, and will attempt to use their military strength to strangle China by depriving it of raw materials.

This is what the occupation of Iraq is about. We should not be neutral in the conflict between the US and China, but should instead celebrate the end of European domination.
David Leal London