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Livingstone to be reported to the Standards Board for England

Ken Livingstone will be reported to the Standards Board for England by Green Party London Assembly Member, Darren Johnson.

The purpose of the Standards Board is to “build confidence in local democracy … by promoting the ethical behaviour of members and co-opted members who serve on a range of authorities through receiving and investigating allegations that members may have breached the Code of Conduct”.

Behaviour covered by the Code of Conduct includes:

– failing to treat people with respect
– damaging the reputation of their office or authority; and
– misusing their authority’s resources

Darren Johnson’s decision to report Ken Livingstone arises from an assembly meeting at which Livingstone branded Darren Johnson “dishonest” and “islamophobic”.

If you’ve been reading our gradual deconstruction of Livingstone’s dossier in praise of Qaradawi, you will probably have formed your own view as to the accuracy of that charge of dishonesty and islamophobia.

Meanwhile, readers who have doubted that Ken Livingstone could have found a non-homophobic imam with whom to conduct a dialogue, may be interested in this.