Holy War

It’s difficult to feel sorry for Jihad seeking foreigners entering Iraq to plant bombs, especially when they say things like this:

“We are Muslims, we should do jihad. We should go to Palestine but it is difficult to enter – but in Iraq it is easy to kill the Jews.”

Nonetheless reading this it’s difficult not to have some sympathy for those who come to join the “Iraqi” “resistance”. Here’s one Syrian’s story:

He had been recruited at a mosque 30 miles south of Aleppo, built last year by a local sheikh with business interests in Iraq and strong sympathies with the resistance. It is brazenly entitled the Mujahideen Mosque.

Abdullah, originally from the Aleppo area, and the other fighters, were provided with Iraqi passports and weapons. Abdullah was given a bazooka to carry.

They were told they would be relieving Syrian mujahideen already in Iraq, part of a regular “troop” rotation, and would be expected to fight until they in turn were either killed or replaced.

In return Abdullah’s family would be paid $3,000 (£1,600) a month by the mosque – more than most American soldiers in Iraq and a fortune in Syria where average salaries are less than £10 a week.

Born in a country with an economic system which rewards only the corrupt and which keeps ordinary people in desperate poverty. Hired as a mercenary by those with business interests to protect, and fed a lot of metaphysical nonsense and racist lies by the local religious authority figure to make his coming death more bearable.

Once upon a time the Left would have had something to say about this. And I don’t mean in support of it.