Bookstore Updated

The bookstore links on the left panel haven’t been updated since I first put them up but this seemed the right time of year to put some new titles up for you to have a look at. Hopefully the ones I’ve selected will be of interest.

One of the book’s even has a blogging connection. The Dictionary of Fashionable Nonsense is written by Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom of Butterflies and Wheels and is one that I’ll hopefully have time to devour over the Christmas holidays.

This is advertising of course. We don’t make much out of the Amazon affiliates scheme, in fact we didn’t even make enough in the past quarter to reach our very modest aim of covering the hosting costs of the site. But if you are going to buy books through Amazon anyway then clicking on our links to reach the site does generate a bit of revenue which will help us cover some of the rising costs of the site. Thanks to those of you who have done so.

Also if you are a tight-fisted bargain bucket man like myself then you might appreciate two of the offers Amazon have running at the moment:

Paperbacks–3 for £12

CDs from £4.97