Here Comes the Summer

Hak Mao reminds us that late November needn’t be associated with shortening days and cold rain. It’s different down under:

Wednesday may be the official start of Summer, but there’s cricket on the radio, and it is 40°C (or 104°F) in the shade. It was fun going off for a haircut when the sun was directly overhead – 2 kilometres each way, scuttling from shadow to skimpy shadow.

All the Antipod kids will be making plans to make the most of the good weather over the Christmas summer holiday.

Last time I was in Sydney I got speaking to a doctor who specialised in skin cancer. Australian practitioners know a bit about this, as the country has the highest rate of melanoma occurance in the world. No wonder – the place is jam packed with fair skinned Celts. Sometimes walking down the street in Sydney looking at the faces of the office workers and shop assistants out in the street for a quick cigarette break reminds me of doing the same in Dundee or Dublin. The difference is that in Australia if you don’t wear a hat you could end up in more serious trouble than having a temporarily damp neck.

Hey, I’m not a jealous pommy wowser I’m just pointing out the facts, m’kay.