British “human rights” group backs Ukraine government on election

In an earlier post david t mentioned that John Laughland, a trustee of the mysterious British Helsinki Human Rights Group, claimed the British press was spreading fairly-tales about the true nature of the Ukranian government and opposition.

Now the BHHRG website reports that the group “finds no reason to believe that the final result of the 2004 presidential election in Ukraine was not generally representative of genuine popular will.”

In fact, the BHHRG insists, “it was clear to this Group’s observers in central Ukraine and western Ukraine that the opposition exercised near complete control” of the electoral process.

Which, of course, explains why the opposition lost the election.

According to

[The BHHRG] has been criticised by other human rights activists and genuine Helsinki Committees for publishing views which are markedly at odds with the generally accepted picture of affairs in Europe. For instance, it condemned the November 2003 revolution in Georgia as a coup d’etat; it has strongly criticised Western support for the Serbian opposition to Slobodan Milosevic; it has claimed that elections in Belarus have met democratic standards; it has campaigned against immigration to the United Kingdom.