Excuse my impure links

Picking up on Harry’s excellent post below:

The reason I link to sites that some leftists consider suspect is that they are often the best (or only) source of information on subjects that many on the Left prefer to dance around or ignore.

For instance when “anti-Zionism” shades into antisemitism, as it often does these days, the only places you’re likely to read about it are websites “progressives” deem excessively pro-Israel or anti-Palestinian: sites like or

If the usual-suspect leftwing websites deal with Islamic or leftist antisemitism at all, it’s likely to be in the form of regret about how Israel’s policies– or increasingly often, Israel’s existence– are responsible for it.

Of course if politics were working the way they should, it would be the Left denouncing and exposing antisemitism in its own ranks, rather than excusing it. But with some honorable exceptions, that’s not what’s happening these days.

So unless our readers who object to my links on these subjects can provide me with with better sources dealing seriously with them, I hope they’ll excuse my impure links.