Hizbullah TV channel stays on the air in France

The French broadcasting authority CSA will allow the Lebanese Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV channel to continue broadcasting in France, despite protests about a series it televised last year based on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

CSA director Dominique Baudis, in a letter issued with the license, warned that the license will be considered violated if Al-Manar broadcasts hate messages as it has in the past.
“Your signature of this license implies, therefore, that you will formally renounce the broadcast of programs of this nature on the satellite, which comes under French law,” he said.

Al-Manar, which signed the license Friday, issued a statement saying “it has no problem with French laws and is ready to abide by the legal requirements to broadcast on French airwaves.”

And if you can’t trust Hizbullah…

In the statement Al-Manar accused the “Zionist entity” of unsuccessfully attempting to silence the “voice of the Lebanese resistance” and provoke the French and other Europeans against Al-Manar.

In other words, hatred against Jews as Jews will be soft-pedaled, but hatred against Jews as Israelis or Zionists will continue unabated.

(Via Secular Blasphemy.)