Pro-Saddam website

Via MEMRI, here’s a link to a pro-Ba’athist, pro-Saddam, pro-“resistance” website. As best as I can make out, it’s run by a Stalinist named Luc Michel (here’s an apparently self-written bio, in French), based in Paris and/or Brussels (the website provides phone and fax numbers in both cities).

The site posts statements from “The political information and publication Bureau Of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party Iraq.”

M. Michel also seems to be the guiding hand behind “The National-european Communitarian Party” (linked to from the pro-Baathist site) which appears to advocate a form of pan-Europeanism modeled on Ba’athist pan-Arabism.

The sites are mostly in French, so perhaps someone more fluent than I can make more sense of them– if, indeed, it is possible to make sense of them in any language.