Stop wallowing

Speaking of post-election maps, the silliest (and most dangerous for the left) are these, which have been appearing on some blogs.

Is anyone really suggesting a direct connection between slave states and states open to slavery in the middle of the 19th century and states which George W. Bush won at the beginning of the 21st century?

As Harry’s Place commenter Swift usefully pointed out:

…please remember that in every “red” Bible Belt evangelical evil religion state there were at least 40 per cent that were rooting for the same people you were rooting for (I’m not talking about the Wild West states, I’m talking Bible Belt City, OK)? Fuck yeah, it’s a divided country, but it’s divided everywhere, it just isn’t like the simplistic red/blue map you see. How many voted for Bush in California? Over 40 per cent. How many voted for Bush in New York? Over 40 per cent. How many voted for Kerry in Virginia? Over 40 per cent. How many voted for Kerry in Tennessee? Over 40 per cent.

Why do so many anti-Bush leftists insist on wallowing in moral superiority? Maybe it feels good for some; but if the task now is to build a Democratic majority, it is downright self-defeating.