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Guantanamo Allegations

The Sun political editor Trevor Kavanagh has been badgering the US Embassy for information on the doings of the Guantanamo five who were flown back to the UK earlier this month. They were captured by US troops in Afghanistan after the autumn 2001 war.

A US press officer replied to Kavanagh’s questions and a copy of his letter can be seen here.

He states that they all at least carried weapons for the Taliban and one has admitted he is an enemy of America and Britain.

Of course this version is denied by the five and they claim they were in Afghanistan in September and October 2001 to administer humanitarian aid though they appear not to have said to whom.

Dergoul’s solicitor, Louise Christian said last night: “I have a client who is so traumatised he is finding it difficult to say anything about what has happened to him. I have no comment to make at present on his behalf but I am willing to look at your letter.”

The Home Office last night refused to comment on the dossier and said all information about the detainees was “highly classified”.

It will be interesting to see what their defence might be. My bet is that any reply to the accusations will be kept for the newspaper serialisations and books we are promised.