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Fabian Pamphlet

Meanwhile back in the real world Clive Soley has published his new Fabian pamphlet on Iraq. It is the first time that a pamphlet such as this has been posted in its entirety on a weblog.

Clive has written the paper with the only MP you’d be happy to have as your mum – Ann Clwyd, a long standing and consistent supporter of democracy and human rights for Iraq.

Iraq and the shock of September 11th should be the lefts call to action to take the next step forward and give human rights a higher priority then the nation state.

Update: I’ve read it now. I know there are a lot of these sort of pamphlets churned out by think-tanks but this one happens to be very readable and jargon-free and the very sensible arguments contained within it make it is a must-read for people on the democratic left.