Paul Foot’s Memory

Paul Foot in the Guardian: “Though I stridently opposed the policies of the Wilson and Callaghan governments, it never occurred to me not to vote Labour. There was easily enough distance between the Labour governments and their Tory predecessors to make the choice automatic.”

A Harry’s Place reader points out that Foot’s recollection of his loyalty to Jim Callaghan’s government is somewhat hazy.

Here is the result of the byelection for Birmingham Stechford on 31 March, 1977 during Callaghan’s government:

Andrew MacKay Conservative 15,731
Terence Davis Labour 13,782
Andrew Brons National Front 2,955
Graham Gopsill Liberal 2,901
Brian Heron International Marxist Group 494
Paul Foot Socialist Workers Party 377

Foot’s SWP also made an impact in Ashfield:

Timothy Smith Conservative 19,616
Michael Cowan Labour 19,352
Hampton Flint Liberal 4,380
George Herrod National Front 1,734
June Hall Socialist Workers Party 453

Majority 264
Conservative gain from Labour