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Iraqi union federation gets recognition

The Iraqi Federation of Workers’ Trade Unions has received official recognition from the Iraqi Governing Council, according to the federation’s web site.

The Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) has closed a chapter in Iraq’s history by recognising that Saddam’s discredited state-run yellow unions are dead.

Decree No 16 2004 (28 January), issued by IGC President Adnan Pachachi, says that the IFTU and its President, Mr Rasem Hussein Abdullah are “the legitimate and legal representatives of the labour movement in Iraq.”

The web site also reports on the participation of the IFTU in the annual conference of the Fabian Society in London February 7.

MP Harry Barnes and other members of Parliament are still seeking an explanation for the December 6 raid by US forces on IFTU headquarters in Baghdad. They submitted a motion on the issue on February 4.

(Via LabourStart.org.)