Make Your Mind Up Melanie

After praising Stephen Pollard’s article on the Kilroy Silk affair, Melanie Phillips writes:

This is not to condone Kilroy-Silk’s now notorious article in the Sunday Express. Even given the fact that it was a reprint which apparently excised the point made in the original that he was attacking not Arabs but Arab states, it still displayed ignorance about Arab civilisation and was wrong to generalise in the way that it did.

But for heaven’s sake — as Ibrahim Nawar, head of Arab Press Freedom Watch, has said, much of what Kilroy-Silk said was simply the truth.

So which is it Melanie – ignorant generalisations or the truth?

Oh and just a thought – while I agree with Pollard and Phillips about the worrying acceptance of a new anti-semitism within the left; which has emerged under the cover of opposition to Israel’s policies; does the Kilroy-Silk affair not also reveal the extent to which anti-Arab prejudice has gained ground among supporters of Israel?