Latte to Go

I wondered if Theodore Dalrymple’s move to France might put him in a better mood. It seems not.

France is, like his deserted homeland, going to les chiens

Why ? The opening of a Starbucks in Paris. It seems it’s the beginning of the end of civilisation itself.

as we have discovered to our cost in Britain, civilisation is a fragile thing. Tiny cracks in its façade soon open up into unbridgeable gulfs. Is this what Starbucks in Paris signifies?

Apparantly so. Dalrymple’s conclusions are even more alarming though.

But if millions of people can choose the meretricious rather than the meritorious in so simple a thing as coffee and cafés, is it sensible to give them the vote when much more complex issues are at stake?

Lighten up Theodore, it’s only watery overpriced coffee.