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Cool Conservatives?

It’s cool to be a Tory, the Sunday Times tries to tell us.

Improbable as it seems, Conservatives might be learning to do cool as the political pendulum swings. Youth has always been contrary, and a young funkster can’t get much more contrary than declaring himself, or herself, true blue.

A young funkster?

Update: IDS loyalist Matthew Turner has a report on the party’s advise to youth activists but also wonders if advertisers in the party magazine ‘Heartland’ have heard the message that Conservative is Cool yet:

How successful is this strategy being in attractive ‘youth’ members? Let’s assume that advertisers aren’t stupid, and know their target audiences. Here’s the adverts in order (with none missed out) in this month’s Heartland:

Retirement investment advice
Vitamins ‘for a healthy lifespan’
Savile Row shirts
Medical insurance for the over 50s
Retirement homes on the South coast
Leg ‘relaxa-stool’ supporter
Margaret Thatcher books
‘Back-care’ chairs
‘Easy-bather’ bath aid
Pensioners hearing aid
Branded ‘comfort stretch’ trousers
Reproduction antique gramophone