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Modern Parents

I’m not deliberately picking on the Guardian but they do print some almost beyond parody “right-on” rubbish.

Have a look at this article responding to the publicity attracted by Bob Geldof’s “Fathers’ Movement” which seeks equal access to children for both parents following a divorce.

Geldof recently put his thoughts on the issue of childrens welfare after divorce on paper but the Guardian writer didn’t like Bob’s focused approach, commenting on the work

This balderdash comes complete with 64 footnotes and 40 references: the kind of anorak obsession that drives women and children away

I can just imagine the family court exchange: Yes My Lord, I’d like a divorce because my husband is frightening the kids with footnotes. Certainly Madam, we can’t have this sort of unrestrained male behaviour.

The writer, apparantly male, doesn’t like his fellow chaps much as a casual reading of the article will reveal. How about this one

“Divorcees are not criminals, women are not angels, men are not ogres,” he stated. Well two out of three is not bad

or this

why shouldn’t the system discriminate against the gender guilty of most crime, violence, substance abuse and other child-unfriendly habits?

Wow. When did being male become a strict liability offence ?

There’s more in the article. Have a look for yourself once you’ve come back from the sort of places that the Guardian says us men inhabit ie the

football ground, betting shop or strip club