Andrew on Arnold and Clarence

After acquitting would-be California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of “illegal sexual harrassment” and finding him guilty of nothing worse than “legal sexual grossness,” blogger extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan goes on to say:

One of the best aspects of the Schwarzenegger candidacy is therefore that he might actually get to be governor of California, having used drugs, taken steroids, had group sex, said all sorts of outrageous things, and lived a lively and not-always admirable private life.

Yes, that will be something to celebrate. Here’s a slogan for the final days of Arnold’s campaign: LSG: It’s not as bad as ISH!

In the same post Sullivan writes, “In general, I believe the women in these cases. Almost always, the men have behaved badly. For the record, I believed Anita Hill (though I would still have supported Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court Justice).”

I also believed Anita Hill when she accused Thomas of sexually harrassing her. But if you’ll remember, Andrew, Clarence Thomas testified under oath before a Congressional committee that Anita Hill lied about the sexual harrassment. That means you would have supported a nominee for the highest court in the nation believing he had committed the felony of perjury. Doesn’t it?