Do you want Saddam back?

Interesting Q&A with Salam Pax on the Today website – as always he presents a calm and informed opinion on the situation in Iraq.

In London to promote his new book, he is also remarkably polite with some of the stupid questions that he receives from obviously anti-war types:

We keep hearing so much about how Saddam Hussein never allowed anyone to have satellite dishes or internet access, yet that’s clearly not true if you were able to post on the internet on a daily basis…..

Dear Salam,
Tony Blair said that if he asked the average Iraqi if they would prefer Saddam back they would look at him as if he was insane. What would you do if Tony Blair asked you if you would rather have Saddam back?

He’s doing a similar Q&A online at the Guardian on Thursday.

Question one: Salam, do just want the Americans to go home?…