Generation wars

Stephen Pollard is on particularly fine form today puncturing the conceits of some of the less historically-aware members of the the Baby Boom Generation.

Here’s a little taster:

As Demos puts it: “A new generation of 17 million older people are marching towards retirement with a clear set of demands. The boomers are unlikely to put up and shut up”. That’s because “at every stage of their lives the boomers have been at the forefont of radical social, economic and political change”.

Wow. It must have been amazing. What dreary, conservative, uninvolved lives previous generations led in comparison. There was fighting a world war to save Europe from fascism, yes. But that wasn’t that important; certainly not compared with the heroic struggles of the marchers against the “Corrie, Benyon and White amendments to abortion legislation; anti-nuclear campaigners arrested in demonstrations at Greenham Common Air Force Base”. I kid you not. That is the evidence Demos cites of the baby boomers’ “distinguished track record of political activism”.

Read the rest for the full force of his scorn.