Michael Moore – educating the youth of America

There is something about Michael Moore that appeals to me.

The American right really despise him because his humour seems to work with people (I don’t actually find him that funny myself), his films have been very popular and he rips the piss out of the reactionary idiots who think restricting peoples chances of shooting up schools/supermarkets is an affront to freedom etc.

And lets be honest, I know that ‘my enemy’s enemy’ is not a good enough reason to give your backing to someone, but it does work sometimes.

But whether you think he is funny, or clever or neither you have to admit that the bloke is a first class wind-up merchant and that is why I like him.

The right despised his film Bowling for Columbine but it brought in over $57 million at the box offices globally. Now the DVD is coming out and MM has decided to use the chance to wind up the NRA nutters even more.

The extra-features on the DVD include The “Bowling for Columbine” Teacher’s Guide.

As Moore says: I asked a group of teachers to work with me and develop materials that could be used when “Bowling for Columbine” is shown in the classroom. This is a great resource and I hope that teachers will use it to get students thinking and talking about all the topics the film raises. Teachers can download and print the materials with the DVD-ROM feature on their computers.

You can almost see him chuckling to himself as he anticipates the reaction that is going to get.

Update: There is also a student action guide: