Jurjen at the No Cameras weblog has some thoughts on the use, over-use and mis-use of the term ‘Islamofascism’.

Firstly he sees the reasons why Christopher Hitchens (who is credited with coining the term) could adopt the phrase.

The characterisation was never a particularly accurate one, but it served a purpose, which was to convey the point that movements like al-Qaeda or the Taliban are evidently significantly less interested in propagating the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed than they are in establishing authoritarian states under their members’ control.

But he also feels that it is being used in a far more general way and makes the following cautionary comment:

To be blunt, “Islamofascist” has become overused to almost the same extent as the term “fascist,” and in a much shorter period. It’s a term I’m extremely hesitant to use myself. I’ve worked with my share of muslim colleagues who were fine human beings, and with my experience working for the ICTY, I cannot help but feel that various people I’ve helped to indict and put behind bars would have given their right nut to have had a catchy term like “Islamofascist” to with which refer to Bosniaks and/or Kosovars, thus justifying their own campaigns of ethnic cleansing and mass murder. Thus, I would urge my fellow bloggers to exercise caution in using it, as well as urging my readers to examine its use with a critical eye.