It’s Friday, it’s five to five and it’s Trots-are-back!

Yep, my favourite time of the week when the ultra-left put their newspapers online and this installment is extra special as we have Socialist Worker’s report of their Marxism 2003 event.

And what a week it sounds to have been. Not much detail of the political discussions of course but certainly no shortage of atmosphere. But why can’t I read it without picturing lots of people waving their arms in the air?

THE SPIRIT of the international movement against war and capitalism surged through the Marxism 2003 event in London last week….

The audience repeatedly erupted with cheers and applause. The sense of unity of purpose and boundless enthusiasm set the tone for the weekend of debates and discussions….George Galloway congratulated the Marxism organisers for creating a “festival of comradeship”…..

THIS YEAR’S Marxism surpassed everyone’s expectations in its size and atmosphere. Overflowing rallies heard from leading figures in the movement…Their exuberant anti-capitalist chants and singing of revolutionary songs raised the roof before the speakers even began their passionate indictment of capitalism and war.

The other ‘must-read’ for Trotologists, The Weekly Worker has a slightly different take on the week : “What a deeply unhealthy and undemocratic culture the SWP has”.